Behaviour Change Campaigns

Support for organisations implementing awareness campaigns by providing tools for the quantitative assessment of the impact of the campaign.


Analyse and map the number of users involved, the actions taken and the results obtained

Identify the sustainable trips that have been undertaken, in which parts of the city and with what kind of transport

• Observe possible correlations between the campaign and environmental and weather conditions

Use Cases

Behaviour change campaigns  are increasingly being deployed to encourage citizens to shift from single occupancy car journeys to more sustainable forms of travel. In addition to the GPS data tracking users’ movements it is important  to be able to analyse graphically the success of these programmes, and the resulting effects on city mobility.

Change Measurement Dashboard

The dashboard shows the number of newly registered users, the number of currently active users and the number of actions performed by the users of Trento Play & Go behavioural change app.

This prototype dashboard uses the user data to explore the trends of the indicators in time and to analyse their development with three levels of detail (the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last month). This allows you to evaluate the impact of the campaign and its correlation with time and external factors (such as the launch of specific events, particular promotions or challenges within the campaign).