Sustainable Mobility Analysis as Service Hub

SMASH is an innovative web-based platform created to enhance the analysis of spatial data related to urban mobility and improve sustainable mobility.

The service is funded by Climate-KIC and will be evaluated in 2019 in more than 10 European cities.

SMASH integrates raw data readily available from different sources in various formats into a mapping platform, producing deeper insight through graphical analytics, maps and reports.

The platform uses data produced by GPS sensors such as smartphone apps, fleet monitoring systems, bike-sharing stations, traffic count sensors, environmental monitoring stations and travel surveys.

SMASH responds to the needs of local authorities, start-ups, public and private companies


Facilitate the analysis and mapping of mobility data by integrating any type of data and making it accessible on the platform.


Measure and validate the impact of policies and actions on sustainable mobility. Provide a mechanism for monitoring the impact of schemes.


Design and plan better services and infrastructure for mobility, through the active involvement of citizens.


To improve and increase the efficiency of transport services, identifying critical issues and solutions.

SMASH Partners

Dedagroup Public Services is an ICT company based in Trento, supporting companies, public bodies and financial institutions in setting IT and digital strategies, offering technological, application and system integration skills.

AESS – The energy agency “Agenzia per l’Energia e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile”, established in 1999, is a non-profit association of nearly 70 public authorities and is a member of the Energy Agency Italian network RENAEL, which gathers more than 25 local Energy Agencies.

AESS is primarily involved in the promotion of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and reduction of energy consumption among Local Authorities, SMEs and consumers.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) is a non-profit public research body with long experience in community engagement, and knowledge and technologies exploitation within the local economy.

BetterPoints is an evidence-based behaviour change platform targeting sustainable travel campaigns. Using established behaviour change frameworks and methodologies, combined with our proprietary developments, BetterPoints offers a highly customisable platform for promoting and measuring mode-shift from single car-occupancy to sustainable forms of travel. The primary user engagement is a mobile app that tracks user activity by capturing the GPS waypoints, which are used to evidence user mobility trends and further urban travel analysis.

Forum Virium Helsinki is a City of Helsinki innovation unit. It develops new digital services and urban innovations in cooperation with companies, universities, other public sector organizations and Helsinki residents. Forum Virium Helsinki’s mission is to make Helsinki the most functional smart city in the world.